Exhibits & Showcases


Exhibits & Showcases


The Heritage Village and Farm Museum is managed by The Bradford County Heritage Association. Whether you are interested in an educational experience or just enjoy exploring our cultural history, we are sure your visit will be a unique and memorable experience.


The Museum and Historic Village has a lot to see. The Museum is home to an extensive collection of rare farm implements and collections of textiles, tools and artifacts reflecting 200 years of the local agricultural heritage.


The Gregory Inn (known for years locally as The Mitchell House) was built c.1822 as a stopover point for stagecoach travelers as they traveled between Elmira to the north and Williamsport to the south.  The Underground Railroad is a part of its history.


Interested in old carriages & sleighs?  Then you will love the Heritage Museum's 125 foot long Carriage House. The building that contains our Carriage Collection is actually the former Merchant's Building from Alparon Park and used for Troy Fair displays starting in the late 1800's. It was moved to its current location in 2005 and is in itself an important artifact of local history.  A stroll through this building will allow you to see the historical construction of the building and show you that it is a great backdrop for the many different types of wagons, carriages, and sleighs on display.  . It houses one of the best carriage and sleigh collections in the Twin Tiers area of NY and PA with over 50 carriages, sleighs and wagons on display. Of special note is the Hearse, School Bus, Stagecoach, and early firefighting equipment. Suspended  overhead in the building is a 120 piece collection (no two alike) of farm implement iron seats, a recently added museum collection.


Our Sugar Shack contains early tree tapping equipment, wooden yokes and wooden carrying buckets, various maple syrup related containers, plus a large vat for boiling down Maple sap into Maple syrup.  An early industry, sap gathering and processing was a source of sweet Maple products all produced from local trees.


The "Little" Children's Church was donated by Mr. Charles Rockwell and family.  Many years ago the Children's Church stood in Canton and hosted Sunday services.  The unique thing about it all was that the Little Church's congregation and pastor. ... were all children.


A One-Room School House, the original Thomas School House, was moved piece by piece from its location in Alba to the Historic Village's site. The teacher who last taught in this one-room school house was our beloved friend and volunteer Mrs. Mildred Wright.   


Porter's Barber Shop/Doctor's Office is the Heritage Museums authentic barbershop. This structure was moved to the Village in 2009 from nearby Columbia Cross Roads.  In 1930 a haircut from 'Barber Porter' was 25 cents. By 1943 it was no longer a barbershop, but was used as a bachelor residence, then a storage building until moved and restored once again as a Barber Shop at its present location.